Our Packaging Materials

Using natural and eco-friendly materials is important to us. And our packaging was no exception. We spent a lot of time researching and choosing suppliers based on their sustainability practises and materials. This was to ensure the recycling of our packaging and stationery would be effortless.

Business cards made from t-shirt scraps

Business Cards

Our business cards are made from the recycled off-cuts of cotton t-shirts. In the making of t-shirts, the manufacture process often creates a lot of leftover fabric. This fabric is then used to create tree-free business cards that help minimise the fashion industry’s waste.


The stickers we use to seal our boxes have a recycled Kraft-paper base, and use an environmentally-friendly adhesive. The printing is done via an eco-friendly process, minimising impact on the environment.


 When packaging our products, we use cardboard boxes, tissue paper, and paper tape with an eco-friendly adhesiveThese have been chosen carefully to ensure they are durable enough to protect the products during shipment, but delicate enough to be recycled.

how we package the products when shipping

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