About us

PAKTA STUDIO is a multidisciplinary brand producing ethically hand crafted bags and backpacks and accessories for everyday use.

We design and create products made from natural and innovative materials with branded metal hardware for a product which will keep up with you.

Building upon the Vitruvius’ ideals” firmitas (strength), utilitas (function), and venustat (beauty) – we decided it needed one more pillar – sustainability. For us, it is important to consider every aspect of the life cycle of a product, and its impact on the world.

We strive to produce amazing, responsibly-made products which also make it easier for you to be sustainable. All our products are ethically made by hand in Slovakia.

PAKTA STUDIO was founded in 2017 by Hana Komanová and Kerim Hudson.

Our process.

Everything that we do starts from our Bratislava workshop & store.

Our designs start with a specific reason – whether it be material, function or form. From there we experiment and refine a prototype, which is then tested before any final changes. This is to ensure that we are not just designing a product from start to finish, but working with the shape, the materials, and the process holistically.

Ethical production is important to us. We produce in small quantities to prevent overproduction, and currently all of our products are produced in-house by our small team in our workshop in Bratislava.

Materials we use.

Many of today’s textile products are made from synthetic fibres and plastics, which has a dramatic impact on our ecosystem.  This is why we aim to use and highlight the durability of natural textiles and use only all-metal components.

Natural fibres are different from synthetics in many ways, but we often underestimate the durability of plant-based fabrics. For example cotton sailcloth is a material designed to last everyday use, and with proper care it will keep up with you and last you a number of years. We also encourage repairing over replacing.

Exploring new innovative materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable is also important. Materials such as Piñatex, which is designed to replace leather and uses no additional land, water, or pesticides in its production – but is made of pineapple leaves which are a by-product of the pineapple harvest.

Materials & Components

Values and Responsibilities.

We believe strongly in minimising our environmental footprint, and doing what we can to be more eco-friendly and sustainable.

We will source our materials locally or as close as is possible.

When sourcing materials, we will strive to source durable, long-lasting components and fabrics to ensure a high-quality robust end product.

We produce in small quantities to prevent over-production. We’d rather spend the time making more of a product, then seeing lots go to waste.

With designing the products, we also consider the usage of the fabric to minimise waste, and what little waste is made we use to produce our small line of limited products – giving the waste a new life.

We believe in ethical production, and that every one who works for us will have a good working environment and receive a living wage.

All of our products will be designed with a focus on functionality in mind. Pared down to the essentials.

We strive to teach and encourage the repair and maintenance of products, or the responsible disposal of via recycling, upcycling, or proper deconstruction.