As we go about our day, our bags take a battering. They get dropped, put on the floor, dragged and more. This can leave them looking rugged and dirty. In general, our products require very little care and maintenance. With a few simple techniques and products you will be able to maintain your bag to make it last a lifetime.

Below you’ll find information on how to care for your product, depending on the material it is made from.

Cotton Canvas Sailcloth

Our collection made from cotton sailcloth has a phthalate-free waterproof treatment that can be spot cleaned when necessary. Here’s an example of how to clean your backpack. This backpack was our first prototype which is well over 1 and half years old.

cotton canvas

Clean off dust

If the bag is dusty, lint roll or wipe off excess dust with a soft cloth or masking tape. Scuffs and marks are easily washable. Empty the bag completely before cleaning.

cotton canvas

Clean with warm soapy water

How to wash it:

1. Wet the dirty area of the bag in a sink or on a flat surface with a bit of water

2. Mix a soapy paste in a little dish and apply it to your old toothbrush

3. Brush the dirty area vigorously with the soapy paste

4. Rinse thoroughly (not enough rinsing can cause staining of lighter coloured fabrics - such as white and natural)

cotton canvas

use soft-bristle brush for difficult spots

Get in the nooks and crannies of the bag with an old toothbrush or any other soft-bristled brush. Simply wet the brush and add some of the same soap and brush the dust off.

cotton canvas

Air Dry

Repeat the whole process if necessary and when you’re done simply hang to dry. Do not use any laundry softener.
You can do the same to the inside of the bag, or just feel free to clean the inside with a vacuum cleaner. If you clean your bag in natural colour way – make sure your detergent does not stain the material, patch test it before on some non-visible area.

Every natural material develops its own character, and your canvas bag will develop a patina over time – just like your jeans. Black canvas especially will fade if it’s on direct sunlight for a long time. 


Piñatex is easy to look after. This innovative material is not only beautiful, but also easy to maintain. 


Wipe dirt with warm soapy water

Wipe any dirt with a clean damp cloth. Avoid fully submerging it in water though, as that can cause irreversible damage.


Wax to maintain waterproof coating

The material is naturally water-resistant, but we suggest to treat it with uncoloured wax every now and then as a general upkeep and to maintain a waterproof coating. Rub a wax stick on the surface and even it out with fingers or a clean soft cloth and let it sink in overnight. Buff the surface after to remove any excess wax.