In an effort to be more transparent, we aim to provide with as much information as possible about the materials we use. We also hope that in doing so will provide you with more possibilities of protecting and caring for your products, to maximise their lifespan.

We strive to explore innovative ways to remain eco-friendly and sustainable, including the materials we use.

Minimising our impact on the earth is something important to us, and we are constantly trying to find ways to minimise our impact without comprimising the quality of our products. This includes looking beyond just making a durable product, but considering its’ lifespan holistically.

Cotton Sailcloth Canvas

The cotton sailcloth canvas we use is 100% cotton, with a waterproofing impregnation. This tight weave, thick canvas is designed to be weather resistant, yet is flexible enough to sew and construct with, making it an ideal choice for bags.

Made in Czech Republic.


Piñatex is an innovative new fabric made from pineapple leaves, a natural by-product of the pineapple harvest. Specifically it is made from the fibres within the leaves, which are turned into a non-woven mesh and is designed to be used as a substitute to leather and its petroleum-based alternatives.

Sourced from the United Kingdom.

Linen Lining Fabric

The lining fabric and fabric we use for softer bags is Linen or a Cotton-Linen blend.

Sourced from Lithuania

COBRA Buckle

The COBRA buckle by AustriAlpin is one of the world’s strongest and highest load-bearing buckles on the market. Used for climbing and parachuting, its quick-release system was designed for efficiency and easy usage. The COBRA buckle can be found on our RUKSAK, URBANER, and KLASIK.

Made in Austria.

YKK Zips

The zips we use are YKK metal-teeth zips, known for their reliability and strength. We specifically chose these for their great quality and long lifespan, especially for a key component to a bag.

Sourced from the Czech Republic.

Water-based Ink

The ink we use on our prints is a water-based ink. It is 100% solvent and chlorine free, and is environmentally friendly, and drain-safe.

Sourced from the UK.